Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update June 28, 2008

Just returned from Syracuse NY where we had a Memorial Service for Dottie's mother (Ruth) who died back in January. The tank was taken care of while I was gone and is in fine condition.

The moniliforme Dendrobiums are wanting to grow mostly vegetative growths. All of the flower buds have dried up.

The two Aerangis that are in spike are developing nicely. A. luteo-alba will have 4 spikes for certain this year. Citrata will have only one spike.

Gastochilus somai has started showing color as the buds open. The flower mass of the two spikes is at least twice that of last year (see photo in previous post.)

I added a Venus flytrap Dionaea muscipula to the tank today. By all rights, the tank environment should suit it very well. It also may help ridding the tank of those pesky Shore Flies. These things do no real harm to the plants (they consume algae and diatoms) but are a nuisance.

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