Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aerangis punctata

Aerangis punctata is one of the Angraecoides originating from Madagascar. This recently described epiphytic orchid (1986) is found in the center of the island at about 4600 feet (1400m). It wants strong, diffused light (1200-2000 ft-candles), strong air movement at all times and rather high humidity. Best grown in a humidity-controlled environment.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blooming Masdevallia

Masd. veitchiana 'Prince de Galle' x Masd. princeps

Masd. Maui Prince (Masd. tonduzil x Masd. princeps)

These are not in the tank, but up in my south window box. While these have nothing to do with growing and blooming orchids in the tank, I think they are beautiful, none-the-less. These are considered "warm-tolerant" Masd. (Masdevallia are in the Pleurothallis association and generally require cool temperatures for growth.) The Masd. I grow are mostly tolerant of temps up to the low 80s (F).