Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dendrobium moniliforme Matsushima

Culture: Transplanted from pure sphagnum to a fine bark mix in a clear, slotted pot. Plant is in my orchidarium and usually kept at 1800+ foot-candles for 12-16 hours a day. 90% humidity for the light-on cycle. Down to approx 75% at night. Moved plant to a lower position while in bloom since tops of canes were against top of tank. Water/fertilizer every second day by application with hand held sprayer till the solution runs out the bottom of pot. Sprayed from time to time with either Thiomyl or Physan 20 for different reasons. Auto misting system runs for 5 seconds every 4-4.5 hours from lights on till lights off. Inside tank is fan running 24/7. A through-wall fan runs for 3-4 hours at night after lights out.

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pmrorchideas said...

Yup, I know this species. I first acquired one in Berkeley about 1958 and mounted it in a fig tree for humidity. It did fine until snails ate it.
I now have two variegated clones and one rather plain clone. No pinks, yet, and I'm only interested in the naturally occurring pink varieties, not the hybrids that are freely available.