Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's happining in the "Tank" now

A few orchids still in bloom:

Haraella odorata
Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta
Dendrobium oligophyllum
Cischweinfia sheenanae
Maxillaria variabilis
Pleurothallis tribuloides

In spike or budding are:

Aerangis citrata
Aerangis fastuosa
Angraecum monticola
Angraecum didieri
Ceratocentron fesselii
Dendrobium moniliforme Hakuunryu
Tuberolabium (Saccolabium) kotoense

In addition, several of the Jewell Orchids are in multiple spike.


Jen Evershed said...

What kind of setup do you have? I'm interested in doing a couple of orchid terrariums. I have a modest collection of orchids...about 7, and am hooked of course. I also saw your posts on about native North American orchids...I have been obsessed with native plants for a decade now, and enjoy propagating them as a hobby. I have had a Fairy Slipper (Calypso bulbosa) that I've managed to keep alive in a pretty jar terrarium. Right now it's dormant but very much alive. :)
-Jen , age 24, A.S. Horticulture, B.S. Environmental Biology (in progress)
from Upstate NY

Ross said...

Jan, All of my current (tank) orchids are warm-growing orchids, primarily from Madagascar and west Africa. I do not collect, or attempt to grow, native orchids. I photograph them when in blossom. It's been many years since I photographed Calypso bulbosa, but I definitely remeber the experience. It was along the Rogue River Trail in Southern Oregon. Collecting Calypso is still illegal and not encouraged due to the exotic cultural requirements. They must experience total dormancy. They are terrestrial, but the "soil" is really a mix of compost from the forest floor. I have found that natives are best photographed in the wild and left alone.

As for my setup, please check the original posts.