Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blooming Masdevallia

Masd. veitchiana 'Prince de Galle' x Masd. princeps

Masd. Maui Prince (Masd. tonduzil x Masd. princeps)

These are not in the tank, but up in my south window box. While these have nothing to do with growing and blooming orchids in the tank, I think they are beautiful, none-the-less. These are considered "warm-tolerant" Masd. (Masdevallia are in the Pleurothallis association and generally require cool temperatures for growth.) The Masd. I grow are mostly tolerant of temps up to the low 80s (F).

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Yvan said...

Gorgeous, Ross! That veitchiana/princeps cross is especially wild. Love the soft yellow of the other too.

(whygreenberg from OrchidBoard)