Friday, April 9, 2010

Dendrobium moniliforme Tennyokan

Dendrobium moniliforme Tennyokan or "Heavenly Maiden" is a small Dendrobium from Japan. The D. moniliforme is the Japanese Stone Orchid and prefers rather strong light (2500-3500 foot-candles) and upwards of 60% humidity. Mine are grown under t5 florescent tubes at 85% humidity. I grow in fine bark in translucent slotted plastic pots. This cultivar has cream to lime-green leaves and pinkish blossoms. The blossoms are formed at the top of older, leafless canes. The plant stays under 4" tall.

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Delaware Jim said...

Beautiful flower and as always, great shot.

Miss seeing your stuff on the OrchidBoard.